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Midwives Political Action Committee (PAC)

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The Midwives-PAC is a political action committee that solicits voluntary contributions from ACNM members that can be distributed strategically as campaign contributions to federal legislators who hold key positions for political offices, or candidates who have demonstrated an understanding, interest, and commitment to the views, goals, and initiatives promoted by ACNM.  PAC contributions create a relationship between legislators and midwives, so that they see us as a resource when issues of women's health come up before the Congress.  They also allow us to support legislators who have a proven record on the federal issues that matter to ACNM.  

PAC Member Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Midwives-PAC members are explained in the PAC?s Standing Rules of Procedure. The Midwives-PAC Chair works with National Office Staff, PAC members, and other leaders in ACNM?s Division of Advocacy and Affiliate Support to conduct fundraising activities within ACNM and oversees distribution of these funds to federal legislators. Responsibilities of members of the Midwives-PAC include, but are not limited to, participating in fundraising events at the Annual Meeting as well as through the year, attending monthly to quarterly conference calls, and working to inform and educate ACNM?s members about the political process and encourage their participation through outreach and advocacy efforts. 

Midwives-PAC Members

Chair: Emily Hart Hayes
Vice-Chair: Melissa Fleming

Secretary: Jessica Herrera  

ACNM BOD Liaisons

Kathryn Carr 

Bridget Howard 

Student Representatives

Christina Churchuru

Andrea Phillips Hill

At-Large Members

Claire Harper
Elisabeth Howard
Katelin Lechlither
Mary Kay Miller
Kristin Schwartz
Lisa Summers

Angela Wells 

ACNM members who are interested in joining the Midwives-PAC are encouraged to contact the PAC chair, Emily Hart Hayes.

Midwives-PAC Meetings

The Midwives-PAC meets quarterly via web conferencing and in the spring at the Annual Meeting. In addition, PAC subcommittees meet on a monthly to quarterly basis to coordinate fundraising campaign activities. 

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