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Oral Health

New York University College of Nursing?s (NYUCN) Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Program has created the Interprofessional Oral Health Faculty Toolkit, a web-based open source product intended to facilitate integration of oral-systemic health content and clinical competencies into nurse practitioner (NP) and midwifery (MW) curricula.

The Toolkit is designed as a ?turnkey? product for faculty and clinicians. It shows step-by-step how to ?weave? oral health content, teaching-learning strategies, and clinical experiences into pediatric, adult-gerontology, family, women?s health, and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and midwifery programs.  Learn more.

Qualis Health, a leading U.S. healthcare consulting organization, has published a comprehensive guide for integrating oral health into primary care practice.  The guide provides an action plan to integrate oral health screening, prevention, and referral into primary care settings, building upon the "Oral Health: An Essential Component of Primary Care" published in 2015. The guide:

  • Provides a practical, tool-rich resource, filled with sample workflows, case examples, and sustainability strategy
  • Presents the Oral Health Delivery Framework, five actions primary care teams can take to protect and promote oral health
  • Offers a practical model for enhancing partnerships between primary care and dentistry
  • Explores challenges encountered by field-testing sites and the solutions they developed

Click here to read the press release and download this free resource!


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